One Pack = 1 Post

Fast Setting, No Heavy Lifting, No Water!

Postsaver Pro-Set Rapid Post Mix Resin is an innovative fast, light and durable expanding resin foam for the installation of all post types in the ground including wood, steel and pvc.


It is a revolutionary alternative for heavy and time consuming concrete bags of post mix postcrete post fixing.

Full instructions are on the bag which is 700ml and is suitable for  one drilled fence post holes 600mm deep. 

No Heavy Lifting, No water, Just shake the bag and pour into the hole. Watch the Pro-set Resin expand filling every void

  • No water needed
  • Sets in 20 minutes
  • Full strength after 90 minutes

High strength and resistant to uptake of water!


Available in single, 5 and 10 pack. 

Pro-Set Rapid Post Mix / Setting resin 700g

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